Substitution in Barangay Elections

Former Mayor Bitong Bigote of the municipality of Budol decides to file his Certificate of Candidacy (COC) for the position of barangay captain. The former mayor, after taking a much-awaited vacation abroad, thinks that he is again ready to throw his hat in the political ring. Now with a fully-grown mustache, he feels that he could get lucky this time. Still plump and morbidly obese, Bigote thinks that he can easily outrun his contender, Pepong Malutong, a crusty, lean fellow, who is just an ordinary citizen who tries hard to please the people, yet he is as healthy as a horse. Little does Bigote know that the campaign period would take a toll on his already fragile health. While eating a bowl of tasty, succulent and greasy pares at the barangay carinderia, people gathered around him to shake his hand. So excited, he seemed to believe that the voters like him. As a result, his heart kept on pumping extra beats. Soon his arteries gave way. As they can no longer distribute blood to Bigote’s entire body, his chest contracted. As a last gesture, he squeezed his facial muscles and was barely able to scratch the tip of his mustache

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A Daily Dose of Gratitude

By: Melan Ku Marquez Easier said than done, we often hear motivational speakers talk about GRATITUDE and religious  people preached about being grateful every day

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The Elusive Elections

The last Barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan Elections (BSKE) was held in 2018 after two previous postponements. The next BSKE should have been held in year

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