100 year old San Quintin grand ma gets PhP100 grand

100 GRAND FOR 100 YEAR OLD GRANDMA. Agustina Rodriguez received Monday her PhP100,000 for reaching 100 years old from the Department of Social Welfare and Development and a signed certificate from President Rodrigo Duterte. Rodriguez turned 100 years old last May 6. Provincial Government of Abra photo

San Quintin’s 100 year old grandmother received her PhP100,000 cash incentive from the national government on Monday.

Agustina Rodriguez got her PhP100,000 reward as a centenarian from the Department of Social Welfare and Development and San Quintin officials.

Rodriguez also received a certificate signed by President Rodrigo Duterte with her family as witness.

Under Republic Act 10868 or the Centenarian Act of 2016, Municipal Social Welfare Officer Maricel Esmilla said that Rodrigues is entitled to a PhP100,000 cash incentive from the DSWD upon reaching 100 years old.

“This is a recognition which comes with the grant of an award of PhP100,000 which will come from the national (DSWD),” she added in a mix English and Iloko.

Last May 31 Rodriguez of Poblacion of said town was recognized by officials of San Quintin led by mayor Amador Diaz where they gave her PhP50,000 as reward for reaching the milestone age last May 6.

During the visit and recognition, Rodriguez showed that she is still physically fit by walking all by herself and still has a good vision by reading the bible and newspapers.

Nutritious food, regular exercise, living happy, a strong faith to the Creator and four grandchildren has made life good for the San Quintin woman during the fete given to her by the municipal government.

The centenarian from Poblacion of said town in the Abra Province Facebook page said: “Nasustansia a taraon, regular nga ehersisio, panagbalin latta a naragsak, ken panagtalek iti Namarsua dagiti imburayna a makaigapu iti napaut a panagbiagna. (Nutritious food, regular exercise, by being happy and faith in the Creator are the key to a long life).”

Rodirguez has two children from whom she has four grandchildren who she says are her inspiration to her long life.

“Managmisa ak, managkararag ak (I go to church religiously, I pray a lot) [and] I ask only for a healthy life,” said Rodriguez.

Mayor Diaz earlier said that “it is difficult to reach this age. Now we have one in our municipality.”

“The senior citizens have a special place in my heart,” he said in Iloko and added that reaching 100 years old is a proo to take good care of one’s health.



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