11th Apache golf ready to roll on April 1

ABOUT LAST YEAR. The 10th edition of the Baguio Apaches Golf Tournament at the Baguio Country Club with then chief Rey Olarte, 2nd left, posing with then Philippine Sports Commission commissioner Ramon Fernandez. Also in photo from left are: city administrator Bonifacio dela Pena, Olarte, 11th BAGT tournament director Willy Occidental, Fernandez, 10th BAGT assistant tournament director Francis Calano, Nathan Chan and 10th BAGT tournament director John Marasigan. Ramon David/BA photo

The Apache Golf Tournament is almost at hand and on its second year after missing out on two straight years due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Apache chief Jonathan Vergara said this week that the group is ready to host anew as the event marches on to its second decade as scores of players are expected to turn in at the event’s home course, the Baguio Country Club golf course on April 1.

“In its 11th year… we intend to make it a notch better and stronger this year with more sponsors signing up for the event for a cause endeavor,” said Jonathan Vergara, chief of the city’s oldest civic organization this week as the organization is on its last stages of preparation.

He added: “Our beneficiaries this year are indigent cancer and hemodialysis patients, among other individuals who are in dire need of financial assistance for their medical needs.”

The event was started in 2011 under then chief Art Bueno, son of former councilor lawyer Conrado, the oldest living member of the organization who joined in 1951, a year after his four older brothers were inducted as members. His older siblings include Ernesto and Cesar, two generals with the former as a one-time city mayor.

The 2011 Apache golf, which proceeded despite typhoon Falcon making a landfall, started another tradition for the all-Baguio boys club when it became an annual event but was disrupted in 2020 and 2021 due to the lockdown caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

It was resumed last year when more than 100 participants joined the event in another banner year for the organization named after one of the most famous of Native American tribes.

Vergara, who was elected in November 2021 as the chief for 2023 and assumed command in the group’s annual bonfire in December 30 last year added: “A lot are in store as well for avid golfers joining the tournament as awards, trophies and great raffle await par busters joining the event.”

The Baguio Water District and One Lending are presentors of the event which uses the System 36 for classification and the Molave scoring system. It is open in men’s A, B and C and ladies divisions with BCC members paying PhP1,200 to join and PhP2,500 for non-members. The ticket entitles players to a raffle and dinner during the awards later in the day.

Mulligan tickets will also be sold during competition day, added Vergara.

Founded in 1939 by brothers Francisco and Ricardo and their friend Ricardo Chan, the Apaches has been home to the city’s sons of pioneers and outstanding citizens. Francisco became a city police chief and in 1986 the acting mayor, while his brother became a lawyer and former councilor.

Aside from Bueno and Paraan, another scion of a prominent Baguio family became mayor, Reinaldo Bautista, Jr. in 2008. Pigeon Lobien



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