4 Go bill get funding from House’s appropriations committee

Photo courtesy of BAGUIO REP. MARQUEZ GO. Mark Go Page

The Cordillera Autonomous Region bill and three other bills of Baguio Rep. Marquez Go have been approved by the House Committee on Appropriations last Wednesday.

Aside from the CAR bill, the committee approved the proposed budget for bills Go authored, namely: Tertiary Education Subsidy (TES) expansion for Filipino students; the job-skills mismatch bill, and a bill granting benefits to octogenarian and nonagenarian Filipinos.

House Bill 5687, or the CAR bill, by all Cordilleran Representatives, which Rep. Mark Go called “a measure that’s been more than three decades in the making,” proposes to create a politically autonomous Cordillera, reflecting the hopes and aspirations of all Cordillerans, as well as changes in the political, economic, and technological landscape in CAR.

Another bill of national significance that also met the appropriation committee’s approval is HB 8137 that seeks for the expansion of the TES under the Universal Access to Quality Tertiary Education Act to include financially and academically deserving students who choose to study in private colleges and universities.

In HB 8210, Go seeks the creation of a Tripartite Council by the Commission on Higher Education to address the job-skills mismatch in the country.

Once approved, the proposed tripartite council, composed of representatives from the government, academe and industry sector, will formulate policies and relevant programs that address the needs of the rapidly evolving labor market.

Go also took note of all elderlies especially those 80 and up with the expansion of Republic Act 10868 by introducing HB 1391, which grants benefits to centenarians, to cover octogenarians and nonagenarians.

The bill seeks to provide a PhP25,000 cash gift to senior citizens who reach the ages of 80, 85, and 90. The bill will also grant a PhP1 million cash gift to elders who reach the age of 101.

“I am pleased with the development of these measures and was glad that the Committee of Appropriations understood the importance of these bills in uplifting the lives of Filipinos,” Go said.

The appropriations committee is responsible for approving submitted funds related to government spending.



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