7 year-old kid killed, 2 hurt in La Union accident

A seven-year old kid was killed and two others were injured in a road accident involving a motorbike and a car in Barangay Sam Vicente Sur, Agoo, La Union at around 11 PM of March 8.

Agoo police identified the casualty as Dhan Marco, 7, the backrider of the motorcycle driven by Domingo Nardo, 26 which rammed into a car. The two are both residents of Baranngay Sta. Rita Central, Agoo, La Union.

Agoo Police said the motorcycle was traversing the road and was behind a car driven by Jefferson Nisperos, 21, of Barangay Nazareno of said town.

The two vehicles were heading south when the motorcycle allegedly tried to overtake through the outerlane of the road. When the motorcycle returned to the innerlane, it bumped the rear of the car causing it to fall on the road.

The driver and his backrider were rushed to the hospital but the child was declared dead-on-arrival by attending doctors. The passenger of the car identified as Jaime Corpuz, 19, also of barangay Nazareno suffered injuries from the impact.

Police said Nardo and Marco were not wearing safety helmets.



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