A connection from music to soul

Nestor in one of his performances at Session Road. Photo by Ariel Biala

Our love for someone or something is a divine feeling that makes our heartbeat pound and yet we feel safe and sound. The moment we fall in love, everything stops around us. Like Nestor Abellera, when he first heard the violin, he felt music serenading him like a baby in a cradle. There is a strong connection, there is a call to his passion. That defining moment in his life made him fall in love with a thing that’s unfamiliar but brings comfort to him and that’s when he knew he found the fragment that will make him whole.

Having the privilege of pursuing your great love and making it as your profession is a dream come true for an artist. Luckily for Nestor, his passion for violin led him to a perfect balance of providing him not just happiness but also a source of income. He first started out as a student who used to borrow a violin to hone his skills, until slowly, he mastered his passion through grit and patience. People tend to view music and arts only as a hobby, nothing more nor there is no practical road that will lead to it.

For Nestor’s father, he believed that music should only be treated as a hobby and not as a profession because his idea of a job is that it should belong to the formal and corporate world. His father saw his determination and sacrifice so he gave him his first violin. This propelled Nestor to even work harder and eventually, he reaped the fruit of his hard work. This significant step led him to what he is today, a successful musician and a loving father. Now, he is known to grace the streets, especially Session Road on Sundays to share his gift. He also teaches the same at the Music World. His fondness for music gave him more opportunities to venture into a broader area of industry.



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