A Fireman with a Flamethrower

Our country has seen an absurd amount of violence over the years. It’s something that we have been trying to eradicate but with little to no success. And so, certain officials or authorities decided to end violence using violence as well and that didn’t really turn out as great as they hoped.

The people who set these actions in motion are to be held accountable, but that’s not always the case. There are instances when the guilty party gets away with the deed because of the people with the power to bend the rules are in their pockets.

When people do not know who to blame, they tend to generalize and start pointing fingers and sometimes, the innocent get targeted just because they are in the same organization as those who disregard the law.

It starts becoming a problem when people can no longer separate the man with the uniform and an even bigger problem when the ones who are supposed to protect the people are more interested in gaining favors from people in higher positions.

There are several events in the past that can attest to this. When the protectors start shooting whichever way their superiors point at because it serves their agenda.

An example would be the extrajudicial killings that are all over the news and the internet and has sparked rage. In order to get rid of the rampant spread of drugs all over the country, they opted for shooting people on the spot instead of going through the due process.

This was not only a bad idea but a truly despicable one. The purpose of due process is for the person of interest to be able to defend him or herself and prove whether he or she is guilty or not. Since that part of the process is skipped, some of the victims turn out to be innocent.

In the case of the lockdown where many local governments are subjected to at this time of the Covid-19 pandemic, certain measures are put in place to avoid the further spread of the virus. But not everyone can be controlled and they need to be reprimanded so they could be made as an example for others who may attempt to disobey protocols.

The problem with this is not the punishment, but the severity of it which is just downright inhuman. There have been reports of drastic punishments for minimal rule breaking and many believe that authorities love the power they have just a little too much.

This is causing the populace to become divided between those who agree on the methods, those who say that this is a violation of human rights.

And what makes it more frustrating is that those who uphold the rules aim only to please higher ranking officials.

That in itself is violence inspiring violence. This shows that a fire cannot be put out by fire. If you stop, look and then listen close enough, you will see that this has been happening for a while and that it will not stop as long as a lot of people still believe that barbaric force will solve things.



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