Abra Cong Bernos is Covid 19 positive

With Abra Gov. Joceyln Bernos about to complete here 14 day stay at the hospital, another top government official and another Bernos has tested positive for Covid-19.

Gov. Bernos admitted to being positive on March 13 after receiving the first batch of Covid-19 vaccines, had the first administration of it to health care workers and give gifts to elderlies during the 104th foundation day of the province on March 9, now Rep. Joseph Sto. Nino JB Bernos admitted to being positive of the virus.

In his Facebook wall, the congressman admitted “I received my RT-PCR test results as part of routine checkup, and I regretfully inform the public that I have tested positive for Covid-19.”

But unlike the governor, the congressman is asymptomatic and undergoing home quarantine as per advise of his doctors.

He wrote: “Currently, I am asymptomatic and undergoing home quarantine, as advised by my doctors. It is unfortunate that despite following strict protocols, I have contracted the virus due to numerous unavoidable commitments.”

Congressman Bernos, meanwhile, asked those he came in contact with the past days “to take precautionary measures, observe possible symptoms and undergo testing to be sure of your health status.”

He added: “I ask for your prayers not only for me but for our entire country facing this pandemic, that the virus may be eradicated soon so that we can return to be in the service of our fellow Filipinos.”

Gov. Bernos said she was symptomatic being asthmatic and thus had herself confined in a hospital.



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