Abra cops raid Illegal cockfight “Operator evades arrest?”

Operatives of the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group – Abra and Manabo town policemen caught three bettors of an illegal cockfighting games in sitio Tantanabong, barangay Lizong, Manabo town in Abra Monday afternoon.

Bettors Agustin Divina Paganaw Jr., male, 36; Freddie Dacquel Curbi, 39; and Dexter Combis Bulda, 42; all from Luzong, Manabo, were not as fast as other bettors who fled upon seeing the operators closing.

Operator —- Advinto Cabanting Obngayan — too was swift in fleeing the scene upon sensing the cops, Manabo policemen claimed amid disbelief by critics that he may habe been tipped off about the 3:30PM Monday afternoon raid.

Three live fighting roosters, one dead fighting rooster and P700.00 bet money were seized from the illegal cockfighting venue.

Abra has temporarily banned cockfighting amid the rise of COVID-19 disease in the province, which remains to be under Alert Level 3.



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