Abra marks first year under Covid time with second batch of vaccination

NEWLY ARRIVED. An Abra Provincial Health Office employee checks on the papers of the newly arrived AztraZenica vaccine which the office will start using to inoculate health care workers 60 years and up and senior citizens who also have comorbidity. Photo from Abra Province Facebook Page

Abra on Sunday marked the first year of logging its first Covid 19 case, the first in the region, a day after its governor, Maria Jocelyn Bernos, tested positive.

Despite being the first of the seven local government units of the Cordillera region, Abra has the lowest confirmed cases with 201.

In its Facebook wall, Abra Province, the western Cordillera province, marked its first year under Covid-19 time Sunday, a week after the first batch of Covid-19 vaccine arrived, six days after the first vaccination done with health care workers and five days after celebrating its 104th foundation day.

The post read: “It’s exactly one year since Abra recorded its first case of Covid -19.”

But while it is the first to register the very first Covid-19 case in the region, a migrant worker in the United Arab Emirates from Manabo town, it has the lowest incidents to date.

The Facebook wall read: “The province has successfully contained the virus through the implementation of its strict health and border protocols.”

Abra, as of March 13, has 198 cases, of which three have died and 195 have recovered. Three more were registered on Sunday for a total of 201. That means, Abra accounts 1.22 percent of the 16,416 confirmed cases.

Nearly 40 percent or 6,445 is accounted for by the region’s smallest member by size, Baguio, with 6,445, while more than 30 percent or 5,030 are from Benguet. Kalinga has the third most with 2,375, while Mountain Province, the last to register its very first case, is now fourth with 1,601.

Three provinces has less than 500 cases with Ifugao tallying 444, the region’s smallest member in terms of population, Apayao, is sixth with 323.

The post took special mention of Abra’s lowest incidence or coronavirus infection, “Abra has the lowest number of coronavirus cases in the whole (Cordillera Administrative Region) CAR.”

When Dr. Alexie Marrero of the Department of Health Cordillera delivered the first batch of vaccines on March 8, he congratulated the provincial government and its health care workers for keeping the Covid-19 cases down,

But despite this, the government continue to remind its constituents to still practice health protocols to prevent the spread of the virus.

On the same day that Abra marked its first year under Covid, the first batch of AztraZenica vaccine arrived in the province. The vaccine is aimed for health workers 60 years old and up as well as senior citizens who are sick or have comorbidity,

Vaccination using the newly arrived vaccines started today, March 15.

Last Saturday, Bernos confirmed she tested positive for Covid-19 and has since been confined in the hospital as she suffers from asthma.



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