Alab Danse Company, taking the dance scene by storm

Street could have a thuggish connotation among people, but for Michelle Dysangco and Deirdre Palaruan of Alab Danse Company, streets are the stage their adrenaline kicks in and dance to their heart’s delight.

Despite having the same heart for dancing despite Michelle and Deirdre having different upbringing.

Michelle was a timid girl but when she started high school, a teacher saw her potential and urged her to pursue it. She eventually joined her school dance troupe, which started a career in dancing.

On the other hand, Deirdre had been active in various activities outside of school, for she used to sing and dance in their church where she realized that she has a passion for dancing.

After some years of dancing together, they decided to establish the Alab Danse Company with coach Ivan Ray Guinid.

With Alab, they were able to realize their dreams of getting into bigger stages where they can show off their skills.

The pair were able to conduct dance workshops and clinics and able to share their talent to the people of the community, especially with children who took up dancing.

The pair were also able to represent Baguio and the Philippines in various dance competitions. Michelle recently placed second in the breaking category in the recently concluded The Cordillera Dance Festival.

Alab Danse Company brings massive appreciation to dancing as an art, but Michelle also reiterated that passion should have a balance with practicality

“It shouldn’t be dance is life, because there’s something beyond dancing and we should focus on it, like education. Our passion should flow naturally, and that’s the virtue of the Alab Danse Company,” she mused.


Trisha Mae Gaite



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