Alay Kay Bulakna 2024: Baguio’s Floral Exhibit Blossoms at Ili-likha Artist Village

Baguio City’s Ili-likha Artist Village hosts “Alay Kay Bulakna,” a vibrant floral arrangement exhibit, beginning on March 14, 2024.

This annual celebration, paying homage to Bulakna, the esteemed spouse of Lapu-lapu and symbol of floral beauty, takes place annually on March 14. Led and guided by Dr. Antonio Paulite, a distinguished Baguio-based florist, alongside the creative minds at Ili-likha Artist Village, the event aims to highlight the proficiency and innovation within the floral industry in Baguio City.

This exhibit serves as a captivating showcase of emerging trends, innovative techniques, and carefully crafted designs in flower arrangement, all embracing a naturistic theme. Dr. Paulite’s expertise in freestyle ikebana, employing kenzan, a Japanese tool for stabilizing flowers in a vase, along with floral foam, is evident throughout the exhibit, expressing his profound ideas and emotions. The exhibit features a sharp blend of commercial and garden flowers sourced from the Artist Village itself and local farmers.

“Baguio City is a creative city so it’s time siguro mai-express natin yung creativity through flower arrangement..” Dr. Paulite stated.

Alay Kay Bulakna is a vibrant celebration of floral artistry, fostering cultural dialogue and artistic creativity. Under Dr. Paulite’s visionary guidance and with the collective contributions of Baguio’s artistic community, the event consistently captivates and inspires the public, further strengthening Baguio City’s status as a bastion of arts and crafts.

~Izl Jem M. Rabanillo~



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