An Ear for an Ear

As we all know, Mayor Bitong Bigote, the embattled mayor of the old and far forsaken town, recently resigned from his position for having been convicted of the crime of robbery. Akin to a starving vulture, he decided to migrate to a neighboring old and forsaken town, bringing with him his stash of cash which he earned from his old and far forsaken town. He thus settled therein as a private citizen. But one night, in a dream, what seemed more like a devil instead of an angel, appeared to him and said: “You are meant to be a Mayor, wherever you may be.”

As the last day for the filing of certificates of candidacy (CoC) grew near, former Mayor Bitong Bigote filed his CoC for the Mayor in the adjacent old and forsaken town. At the same time, he decided to grow his mustache again, not because he still believed that it is the source of his power and influence, but to conceal his bumpy chin due to the enormous pores that used to be a field of eruption of so many unwanted and uncontrollable pustules. He likewise decided to adopt a different style when it comes to dealing with the people around him, most especially the registered voters. He saw to it that he would have a reputation for being liberal in the utilization and disposition of his funds. Before he filed his CoC, he entertained officials in the local government unit with lavish dinners. He was also seen having conferences with the different barangay captains in town where the meek local executives were overjoyed because they brought home many delicious presents. Of course, the officials of the Comelec were never spared of his magnanimity.

The present mayor, Pepong Mahinahon, and the other officials of the neighboring old and far forsaken town, aware of the activities of former Mayor Bitong Bigote, did not like what was happening. They fear that a person, not even a native of their town, could one day lead them as the new local chief executive. They are also afraid that former Mayor Bitong Bigote could entirely change the century-old customs and traditions of their town. A town that, even if it is old, far and forsaken, has a tradition of respect, humility and graciousness. A town known to value and honor and peace is now in danger of being diluted with bribes, and very soon, doomed to be the next hungry and corrupt town in the

Mayor Pepong Mahinahon, with his legal team, including his wife, Mrs. Mahinahon who is a vindictive despicable woman and who acts like a Mayora- a plump, wild, card-playing, gossipy and bad-tempered woman, who is literally, the mouth-piece of the Mayor, filed a petition to deny course to or cancel the certificate of candidacy of former Mayor Bitong Bigote, under Section 78 of the Omnibus Election Code. Word has spread fast in town, so much so, that former Mayor Bitong Bigote called the local Election Officer, using an unknown number (which could be a violation), asking the latter about it. The Election Officer confirms that a certain petition was filed but because the filing is now in an on line platform directly with the Comelec central office, he has no personal knowledge as to the content of said petition to disqualify. Former Mayor Bitong Bigote was quoted saying: “Since I heard that a DQ (Disqualification Case) was filed against me, I shall also file a case against Mayor Pepong Mahinahon, para maka ganti ako! A chin for a chin, a tooth for a tooth, an ear for an ear!”

Will the DQ case against former Mayor Bitong Bigote prosper, given the fact that he just moved into town? And what of his former criminal case where he was previously convicted? What action could he file in retaliation to the DQ case that was filed against him? What are the grounds to disqualify a candidate? What action/petition can be filed? Find out in our Election Day segment on Friday, November 5, 2021 at 9:00 o’clock in the morning at Regional News Group Luzon’s Morning Balitaktakan.

*** Comment/s and opinion/s made in this article are made by me in my personal capacity as a lawyer and not as an employee of the Comelec.



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