An Ode to the Founders of Old: MMUB 2024 Pays Homage to Founders in Diamond Anniversary Celebration

Candidates from ten different schools graced the stage and introduced themselves during the sashing ceremony and press conference for the upcoming Mr. and Ms. University of Baguio 2024 last March 6th at the UB Centennial Hall.

According to Dr. Froilan Aspa, the Director of the Office of Student Affairs, MMUB 2024 aims to focus on what he calls the “3 Cs”: the creativity of participants, fostering creativity among participants, and shaping their character. This highlights the holistic approach of the event, aiming not only for a showcase of talent but also for personal growth and development among the contestants.

As the University of Baguio marks its 75th diamond anniversary, the theme for this year’s pageant pays tribute to the founders of the university.

“Tatay [Fernando Bautista] and Nanay [Rosa Bautista], we see them being embodied in our candidates. The ideals that you represent and the legacy that they have imparted in the University of Baguio”, Denver Koby Soriano, the main coordinator of MMUB 2024 said during the interview.

Mr. Soriano discussed how the theme of homage to the founders seamlessly interweaves with Philippine folklore. He expressed the intention to incorporate stories of deities, mythologies, and mythological creatures into the theme of MMUB 2024, treating it as a narrative emerging from the country’s diverse cultural heritage.

“As we all know the Philippine culture is very diverse. We have a lot of tribes, we have a lot of stories. And that’s why we thought the idea ‘okay we think about deities, the mythologies, the mythological creatures’ that’s what we came up with the concept of Philippine Folklore,” Soriano added.

Dr. Aspa also outlined the lineup of events for MMUB 2024, which includes the Outreach program, emphasizing the importance of community service and infusing the spirit of volunteerism among participants.

“An outreach it’s a service to the community. Not just a compliance or mandatory of the participants… in sharing to others, you need to have a heart and the heart of a volunteer.” he expressed.

In addition, this year, the organizers have collaborated with the BA Music and BA English program department for an official theme song for MMUB, making it a milestone in the pageant’s history.

With anticipation building up, MMUB 2024 promises to be a celebration of heritage, talent, and unity. As the University of Baguio prepares to commemorate 75 years of excellence, the stage is set for a memorable tribute to the founders and a showcase of the institution’s enduring legacy.


~Adrian Paul Andiso~

**Photo courtesy: Adrian Brix Lazaro**



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