Another shooting in Abra “Lady shot in her room”

About 15 hours after a lady doctor was dead after a still unknown assailant fired at her residence in Abra, another lady was shot also by an unidentified gunman now in her room in Barangay Budac, Tayum, Abra at around 9:30 PM Sunday.

Fastfood store attendant Aileen Daria was on her room when the assailant entered, shot her and immediately fled.

The police recovered three spent shells Cal. 45 pistol.

Tayum police accordingly was alerted by Budac Barangay Captain Walter Tugadi about the incident prompting them to head to the crime scene.

Daria sustained a gunshot wound on his lower back and rushed to the Abra Provincial Hospital (APH) in Bangued for treatment.

On Saturday night, government doctor Amor Trina Dait was shot at her residence in Barangay Poblacion, Pilar, Abra.

She died from a heart attack while being treated at the Abra Provincial Hospital



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