Baguio boy joins opening of world’s biggest calisthenics park

A Baguio boy was among the participants in the calisthenics exercises during the opening of the opening of the world’s largest calisthenics park in Doha, Qatar last February 4.

Joseph Piacos, who studied at the Pines City National High School and at the University of the Cordilleras for his undergraduate, joined Qataris during the country’s national sports day in opening the park in Medqam camp of the capital city.

Deputy Prime Minister and minister of State for Defense Affaisrs Dr. Khalid bin Mohammed Al Attiyah oversaw the opening of the camp which the Guinness World Records recognized as the world’s biggest of its kind.

The camp measures 1,446.72 square meters and is utilized as the National Sports Academy.

The calisthenics park is expected to be venues for national calisthenics tournaments and is also open for the use of the general public.

Attiyah received the Guinness World Records certificate via video conference during the opening.

Calisthenics is a variety of gymnastic exercises aimed to achieve bodily fitness and grace of movement.



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