A man with a mental health condition went viral on social media after challenging people to fight while armed with a knife along the length of Bayanihan Street in Baguio City on Wednesday, March 26, 2024, at around 4 p.m.

Although some people speculate that the man’s sudden hostility was out of character, the Baguio City Police Office’s investigation confirmed that he has mental health issues.

According to PCPT. Jessie Ray Bayan, operation officer of Station 7 – BCPO, the man was not able to take his medications and also got hungry since he was also working at the time. So when the police troops took the man to their station, they fed him again and then released him afterward.

Meanwhile, Jessie Abaya, a business owner who witnessed the incident, stated that the man was there most of the time and could always be ordered around whenever people needed help in the area.

“Yun lang baka may nag ano kasi sa kanya. May narinig siyang hindi maganda edi masakit yung isip niya. Yun lang naman ang problema sa kanya. Kapag may narinig siya, pag ano… nag aamok siya.”, he added.

[“That was maybe because something might have happened to him. He heard something unpleasant, so his mind hurt. That’s the only problem with him. When he hears something, he goes berserk.”]

As per the City Health Office’s Mental Health Officer, Ricky Ducas, there are indeed triggering factors that should be monitored among those with mental health problems.

“Ang mga common dito na mga triggers ay yung mga unmet needs na hindi nabibigyan yung pangangailangan nila. Like for example, yung mga medications niya, stressors, wala siyang pambili ng gamot, no access to free medications, support system… so nagkakaroon ng frustration.”

[“The common triggers here are unmet needs, where their needs were not met. Like for example, his medications, stressors, he does not have money to buy medicine, no access to free medications, support system… thus they become frustrated.”]

No one was reported injured during the man’s rampage. However, the BCPO advises the public that if they encounter similar incidents, they should remain calm and promptly seek help from the authorities.

While the City Health Office aims to assist the man with his medications to prevent a recurring incident, the Station 7 – BCPO

police personnel will continue monitoring the man to ensure the public’s safety.


~ Bonomar Apuyod Jr. ~



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