Baguio drug dealer’s home raided

Over P50,000 worth of liquid and solid shabu including shabu sniffing paraphernalia were seized during a raid on an alleged drug dealer’s home at Victoria Village here Sunday night.

Joint PDEA, NBI-Cordillera agents backed up by local policemen wielding a search warrant issued by a local court here took Fernand Leo Vergara Quitlong, 40, after seizing a transparent vial with attached tube containing liquid shabu weighing more or less 5ml valued at P31,314; two plastic sachets containing more or less 3 grams pf shabu valued at P20,400; several plastic sachets containing traces of shabu; a plastic bottle with torch; several empty plastic sachets; several used aluminum strips/foil; two improvised scoop (aluminum and straw); two plastic bags containing assorted used drug paraphernalia;

a rolled paper containing assorted used drug paraphernalia, a cellular phone allegedly used by Quitlong in the drug trade and two more lighters.

Authorities said Quitlong is a “high-value target” who had been tailed for sometime for his drug dealing.



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