Bangued highway patrol team gives free helmet to motorcycle riders

FREE HELMET. A motorcycle rider is given a free helmet by members of the Provincial Highway Patrol Team after he was flagged down for not wearing the protective head gear which is required by law. Damdamag Abra photo

Instead of a ticket with its consequent fine, members of the Provincial Highway Patrol Team of Ubbog, Bangued, Abra give helmets to motorcycle riders without the protective gear.

A post yesterday by Damdamag Abra was praised by many after the PHPT in its One Time Big Operation in sitio Patucannay of said barangay in Bangued wherein they give helmets to four riders without the required head gear.

This, the post said, is “a reminder to the public about road safety, they gave four motorists free helmets.”

In just one hour, the post got more than 1,900 likes and hundreds of comments praising the law enforcement unit.

A netizen named Lovely Nid Giamsay wrote in all caps: “Good job sir, madam, job well done. I remember tay nai-post nga barya pan na inbayad multa na, embes piman na gating na taron pamilya na awanen (the post wherein [a person given a citation] paid in coins for the fine, it could have been used to buy food for his family).”

“Wow.. Ang babait ng[a] nila. Sila and tunay na nagproprotect at nagseserve sa mga taong bayan. Isang milyon na saludo para sa inyo… (Wow. They are really nice. They are the ones who truly protect and serve the people. One million salutes for all of you),” wrote one Judy Tasis.

Maryjane Marcelo wrote: “Sana all ganyan lahat anf mga pulis, god bless you all sir, ma’am (Hopefully all police are like that),…”



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