Breastfeeding In The Workplace

Snapshot of the youngest and the first woman governor of La Union Rafy Ortega-David trended on social media recently while breastfeeding her baby on her first day at the office. Ortega-David, a breastfeeding advocate and nursing mother, stirred interest for her post and received a great deal of support from women across the region.

La Union’s Youngest and First Lady Governor Raphaelle Veronica “Rafy” Ortega-David posted
a statement last July 1, giving a message to all the mothers on her first day of office. 
Ortega-David said that amid the activities in her office, she could not neglect her duty to her 11-
month-old son. 
“It was one big whirlwind of activities and office visits (stay tuned for the next post!), but as a
mom, I could not neglect the needs of my son,” Ortega-David said on her Facebook post.
Ortega-David also added that she is ready to lead the capitol as the first woman to become a
governor of La Union and first also to breastfeed her baby while in office. 
“So here I am, sharing what seems to be a historic moment for La Union, the youngest, first
woman, and first Governor of La Union to breastfeed her child while in office! I am proud to be a
Governor of firsts! Expect so many wonderful firsts as we go along our Governance journey!”
David-Ortega said. 
In the May 2022 elections, Ortega-David ran for the position of governor under the Pederalismo
ng Dugong Dakilang Samahan (PDDS) party, succeeding her father, former La Union Governor
Emmanuel “Pacoy” Ortega III. She led with 347,851 votes.



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