Bucay, Abra school uses comfort room to make instructional videos for pupils

CR RECORDING STUDIO. A teacher gives instruction to pupils in tackling their modules in the video being made inside a comfort at the Bucay North Elementary School in barangay San Quintin of said town in Abra. The comfort room practically filters the noise that come from the surrounding of the school which is located beside a road, that prompted the creative teachers to find the best place to record the instructional videos noise free, and viola – the practically unused comfort room. Photo from DepEd Tayo Bucay Elementary School Facebook Page

With it not being used due to the Covid-19 pandemic that has made home schooling a “fashion” for almost two school years now, a comfort room in San Miguel, Bucay, Abra has been transformed into recording studio for some creative teachers who made instructional videos noise free.

“Gapu ta adda kami iti igid kalsada, naariwawa ti aglawlaw issu nga inpannmi ti recording studio mi iti banyo tapno nalawlawag ken namaymayat ti timek ken uni ti video a maaramid (Since we are beside a road and the surrounding is noisy, we decided to have our recording studio in a comfort room so we can make videos that will have better audio quality),” said Bucay North Elementary School principal Mary Hazel Ballena.

The video helps pupils tackle their modules leading to better understanding that will translate to learning.

Ballena said that six instructional videos have been made using the comfort room as a studio. These, she said have been posted on their Facebook Page of DepEd Tayo Bucay North Elementary School.

The videos also allows less participation for parents who spend time with their children in tackling more difficult subjects.



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