Buguias Benguet pine, Danglas dao tree are Cordilleras biggest trees

BIGGEST. The Buguias Benguet pine tree, left, and the dao tree in Danglas, Abra are the region’s biggest trees in the coniferous and broadleaved tree categories, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources – Cordillera announced. DENR – Cordillera photos

A pine tree in Buguias and a a dao tree in Danglas, Abra were named by the Department of Environment and Natural  Resources – Cordillera the biggest in the region.

A Benguet pine teee found in Gueday, Cayapas within the brangay of Baculongan Norte in Buguias, Benguet was the biggest tree of the coniferous species.

The tree found and submitted as an entry to the DENR – Coordillera contest by Jona Cabaling has a circumference of 454 centimeters (4.54 meters or nearly 15 feet) and a height of 30.8 meters or 102 feet or equivalent to a 10-storey building.

A Benguet pine tree found in Mt. Mapao in Agawa, Besao, Mount Province was named second with a circumference of 437 cm and height of 15.24 feet or about 51 feet or nearly half of the Buguias tree. The third biggest, the DENR – Cordillera said, is found in Moling, Cayapas, Baculongan Sur also in Bguias, Benguet.

The broadleaved species found in Danglas, Abra is even bigger as it was measured at 2,000 cm or 20 meters (roughly 66 feet) and has a height of a whopping 35 feet or 115 feet, the equivalent of an 11 storey building.

The entry was submitted by Norriel Montejo, Dominique Acnam, Redentor Tauro, Danny Blanes, and Randy Bernal.

The second place is also a dao tree which was measured at 1,400 cm or 14 meters in circumference of 1,400 cm and a height of 30 m (99 feet); while a pasakla tree measuring 1,400 cm or 14 meters (46 feet plus) and a height of 27 m (78 feet) was adjudged third biggest in the broadleaved species competition.

The winners, Cabaling and Montejo and group, received P25,000 each for their winning entries. Pigeon Lobien



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