Burning the Passion of Dance

There are ways to express one’s self. Some express it through makeup or clothes, others through poetry and painting. But some express it by painting the dance floor with their fiery passion and colorful lights – they make the stage their own home.

Dancing is one of the various performance art form done by way of the movement from the head to the toes while maintaining rhythm and poise with every beat of the music. Dancing has always been the expression of one’s true feelings.

Despite being one of the Creative Cities recognized by the United Nation Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, Baguio, has yet to see its rhythm in dancing.

The following are a list of dance groups that keep the flame of the dance community in Baguio alive? Let us explore some of the known Dance Companies here in Baguio.

HOME: A Company of Creatives

As if it’s been born within them, HOME has been a dance company that makes you feel like you are home. With the burning talents and a safe space for people to express themselves safely, HOME: A Company of Creatives helps people find their selves in dance and movement. From Waacking, Femme, and even Contemporary, the company can help you capture your interest.

ALAB Danse Company

They burn up the dancefloor with the flame of their eyes and their soul. ALAB Danse Company can make your heart set ablaze. They look for talents from all ages, from people from the younger generation to those with children; they believe that all ages can burn the dancefloor and make an explosive performance. From vogue to hip-hop, they explore all dance genres with their students.


Saeng ya Kasay

Maybe you are looking for local dances, something that represents Baguio City. Well, look no further than Saeng ya Kasay. This group is part of the University of Cordillera’s Center for Creative Productions, where different types of performances can be seen. They mostly perform traditional dances from Benguet. Look for these groups if you want to be attached to your roots.


SLU Dance Troupe

We move on to Saint Louis University from the University of Cordillera, as they have their performance group. The SLU Dance Troupe performs any type of dance from jazz, ballroom or contemporary. Sadly, they are open to Saint Louis University students living in Baguio only, but you can catch their performances at the SLU – Center of Culture and Arts or CCA Theater.

Dance has always been a growing community here in the City of Pines.  Being the Creative City, the place finds ways to showcase all kinds of arts. The busking ordinance that is set for ratification is expected to actively help artists including dancers and be known by residents and tourists here in Baguio City.

The proposed busking ordinance aims to regulate street performances or busking who need to secure a busking permit before performing on the streets. This is not only to regulate the buskers in the city but also to protect the buskers when it comes to their performances and from the police.

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