Cagayan town village chief caught keeping illegal guns and ordnance

Authorities caught incumbent Barangay Liwan Sur, Enrile, Cagayan chairman Wilfredo Dueñas, 55, on Friday, after authorities found illegal guns and ordnance in his home during a raid at his house hatched by the joint units of the Philippine National Police.

An M14 Rifle with serial no. 1424366 and a magazine containing 12 live bullets, 45 live bullets for M14 rifle and four magazines, a 12 gauge shotgun without serial number and several bullets, three more homemade shotguns, three rifle grenades, three magazines for Cal.45 pistol with 42 pieces of live bullets in the, two bullets each for Cal. 40 pistol and 9mm handgun, eight spent cartridges for Cal. 45 and a magazine for M16 riffle were found at his house.

The barangay chairman was brought to the Enrile town police station including the arms cache as cases were filed against the village chief.



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