CHARMED: A Working Mom’s Symphony: Harmonizing Career, Family, and Self

As a full-time working mom, my days are mostly faster than a running bullet, constantly juggling the functions of being a manager at a busy hotel with those of being a homemaker. From very early mornings to late nights, my life is a delicate tightrope walk, where every tick of the clock matters and every task calls for attention.

As the manager of a hotspot hotel, my days are chock-full of meetings, emails, budget and expense reviews, analysis, and overseeing a smooth and strategic hotel operation. From supervising staff issues to addressing guest concerns, the demands of my job are continual and require my immersive focus and commitment. However, encircled by the chaos of the hotel industry, my thoughts wander off to my other role: that of a domestic engineer, a.k.a. ‘homemaker’.

Being a homemaker is a position that entails just as much, perhaps even more, dedication and consistent strength. From waking up early in the morning wishing you could still shut off your startling alarm clock and add more minutes to be in bed, to meal planning, to preparing daily breakfast, to running errands on your day off, to cleaning and organizing the house, to loading clothes in the washer, to listening to your growing kids’ issues in school, to dealing with their tantrums, to feeding your dependent pets, and a lot more, there’s always something that needs to be done at home. Managing these domestic duties with the demands of my career is quite a challenge. You surely wouldn’t want to be in my red stilettos, but it’s a trial by fire that I wholeheartedly embrace.

Despite the frenetic pace of my days, I find moments of pleasure in both angles of my life. Whether it’s seeing a smiling satisfied guest leave the hotel, joyful employees at work, or watching my children laugh and eat like a wolf with meals I planned and prepared for them, these moments remind me why I work my fingers to the bone to juggle both characters.

Let me be the salt of the earth. Of course, there are times when the demands of work and family life meet head-on, leaving me feeling overwhelmed, drained, and knackered. Yet, in those moments, I remind myself of the importance of self-care, so I always bring myself to be in her ‘breathing space’ and I term that travel. If you guys are following me on social media, I have posted a lot about my travels. Personally, there is something magical and therapeutic about traveling. It helps me recharge my soul and be with myself again. I am not an expert in assessing or reckoning the positive effects of traveling, but from a more personalized perspective, it is my pressure valve; it helped me value my being more. So, if you haven’t realized what you want to do when feeling burned out, why don’t you give thought to packing your bag and T.R.A.V.E.L.?

When all is said and done, being a full-time working mom who juggles the responsibilities of being a hotel manager and a homemaker is a league of its own, it’s a role that I wouldn’t trade for anything. It’s a constant equilibrium, but one that brings me self-worth, fulfillment, and a sense of accomplishment. In the symphony of my life, I am grateful for the opportunity to wear multiple colorful hats and make a difference both in my career and in my family’s life; in parallel to inspiring women out there who are juggling multiple roles to tap their shoulders too. You guys are doing a great, great job!

Again, it is all good to feel out of sorts sometimes. Permit yourself to prioritize self-attention and ask for help if you think you need it. Remember, you are not alone in this challenging journey. Call or talk to the person you trust the most. I call my husband, and surprisingly, I find solace in his calming and reassuring voice when the world gets disruptive and chaotic.

In the next topic of CHARMED, I’ll be sharing how my spouse and I continue to manage our marriage despite the challenges of distance and our demanding roles in the workplace. I’ll share how we support and connect, suggest insights on our coping mechanisms, and recommend practical marriage life approaches for maintaining a strong bond as a couple.

Thank you for taking the time to read my article.

~Charmaine Joy “CJ” Rama-De Guzman~




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