City commends Muay athletes Bomogao, Toralba

MUAY SO GOOD. Islay Erica Bomogao, 2nd left, pose with the Philippine muay thai team with coach Billy Alumno (middle) and teammates Jearome Calica, left, Jenelyn Olsim and Leeariel Lampacan. Bomogao won two gold medals and a bronze medal in the IFMA World Muay Thai Championship earlier this month where Olsim did not play and Lampacan failed to join the medal round. Calica, who won a gold in men’s waikru in the last Southeast Asian Games has already retired. Pigeon Lobien Photo

Multi-medalist Islay Erika Bomogao and Aldritch Toralba are expected to receive their cash incentives after winning in the IFMA World Muay Thai Championship in Phuket, Thailand earlier this month.

Their coaches, Billy Alumno and Edzel Ngina, are also expected to receive their share of the reward after the two athletes were recognized during last week’s flag raising ceremony at the Baguio City Hall grounds.

The daughter of councilor Benny Bomogao will receive cash incentives for her gold medal wins in women’s waikru and Mai Muay with combat champion Philip Delarmino and the bronze in the combat side of the Thai national sport.

Toralba, on the other hand, will get a reward for his silver finish in men’s waikru.

Under the comprehensive sports code signed January this year and its corresponding implementing rules and regulations that was approved last June, Bomogao will get PhP30,000 for her gold in women’s waikru, while half for the gold she got with Delarmino and another PhP10,000 for her bronze medal in the combat side of the art of eight limbs.

Bomogao will receive a total of PhP55,000 for her effort, while the alternative learning system student Toralba will get PhP20,000 for his efforts.

“The players are finalizing their papers,” councilor Levy Lloyd Orcales said.

The Philippines finished with three golds, a silver and two bronze medal in the biggest muay Thai competitions which was dominated by Russia with Delarmino finally winning the gold in the combat side to go with his gold in the Asian championship last June in Dubai.

The wins qualify the two local coaches, who mentor the Philippine Muay Thai team at the Benguet State University where the team is bubble training, half of what the athletes will be receiving. The total haul could be PhP65,000 which the two coaches will share.



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