City fetes new centenarian

A woman who stopped schooling after elementary and made a living is the city’s new centenarian.

Leonarda Belvis – de Guzman was honored recently by the city council thru Resolution  576 where       local legislators recognized that de Guzman’s secret to her long life is her good diet which is mostly composed of fish, vegetables and fruits complimented by daily food supplements and she rarely eats meat.

De Guzman is not also suffering from any illness and does not need maintenance medicines.

De Guzman was born on November 6, 1922 in the city and went and finished Grade 7 at the Baguio Central School. However she was  unable to continue her studies because her parents, who were both working then as a miner and a staff of the Balatoc Mines, Inc., wanted her to help earn a living for their big family.

De Guzman is the 4th of nine siblings and to date, only three of them are alive with two now in the United States of America with their own families.

Leonora married Isabelo de Guzman who died in 1995 due to old age.

They were both vendors at the Baguio City public market which was their main source of income then to feed, clothe and send their eight children to school. All are now with two in the USA and one in Australia with their own families.

De Guzman has 23 grandchildren and 22 great grandchildren who take turns in visiting her, especially one of her sons and his family as they live in the same barangay.

The family used to reside along Ferguson road but transferred in 1983 to SLU SVP Housing Project as among the first settlers.

She is now being taken care of by a caregiver. Her senses are still very good in spite of her age. She could clearly see and only needs reading glasses whenever she reads.

She still writes legibly, signs her name and still hears very well.

Leonora can still sit and stand but can only go to the toilet with the help of her caregiver.  PMLobien



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