City Hi ends biggest alumni homecoming with most attended gala night ever

A two day affair that saw the most number of participants ever was what greeted an unprecedented four host batches, four golden celebrators and four batches of diamond jubiilarians defined the resumption of the annual alumni homecoming of the biggest high school North of Manila.

“We didn’t expect this number,” chief coordinator Sonia Daoas of Bafuio City High School class of 1970 as nearly 600 alumni joined the concluding gala night at the Baguio Country Club Saturday.

It was like a revenge homecoming as droves came to the school’s campus on Friday night that turned the Baguio City National High School into a 9ne big dance place dominated by senior citizens and some even with their canes dancing to Sisiwit, a popular danceable tune from Kalinga which has virtually become a sort of anthem for young Cordillerans wanting to take the dance floor.

Participants were as old as the class of 1956 and 60th years jubilarians from the classes of 1960 to 1963.

“This is something unprecedented  that four batches are hosts, four golden and 60th jubilarians,” said Daoas, the newly inducted alumni board president.

The three members of class 1956 were the celebrities that night as one of the most active classes have lost many of its ranks who were instrumental in strengthening the MPHS-BCHS-BCNHS Alumni Association and making it the biggest and most anticipated alumni homecoming in the city.

It was also the first time that a golf tournament was held prior the two day homecoming which the class of 1970 led in organizing with retired US navy man Willie Gadiano spearheading.

“Everybody was a winner,” said the chair of the Veterans of Foreign War  with the almost 60 players who signed up last Thursday also at the BCC.

After Daoas and the new set of officers were inducted into office by outgoing president Reynaldo Rimando, the classes of 1974 and 1999 received the stone of responsibility from the host batches.

“Next year, there is only one host, one 50th golden and one 60th jubilarian,” said Daoas, who thanked the 11 other batches honored that night.

Friday Nightmare

It was a nightmare Friday at the BCNHS campus with the more than 8,000 junior and senior high school present and the parking lots occupied by the nearly 200 faculty and staff of the school.

Then in the afternoon, the parents started coming in to get their children students’ report card.

“It’s the time for report card giving,” said the guard stationed at the gate.

Organizers were only able to start with the program at past 5 when students as well as teachers and school officials have already gone.

It was the first time that alumni experienced such after the implementation of the revised academic calendar in 2019 when classes start in August and end on June to avoid the stormy months on June until August.

In the past the school campus was practically empty with students and faculty on vacation.  Pigeon Lobien

LET THE PARTY BEGIN. Representatives from the four silver and four golden jubilarians pose after lighting the bonfire to start the evening party lasr Friday for the Baguio City High School alumni homecoming at the school campus. The reunion was the most attended with more than 600 alumni coming for the event. OML



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