City logs zero new Covid case in 15 months

GOOD NEWS. The city logged its first zero Covid case on Monday, December 13, the first in 15 months as total active cases dip to 20. However, mayor Benjamin Magalong reminded locals to be extra careful and also the threat of the Omicron variant which he expects to bring another surge. Here, the mayor visits the night market at Harrison Road. PIO Baguio Photo

On Monday the 13th, no new Covid-19 case was reported and with four recovered patients, active cases dipped to only 20.

This as the total confirmed cases inch very slowly to the 30,000 mark with 29,998 as total new cases the past 13 days is only 46 or about three cases a day.

It was the first time in 15 months the city recorded a zero case since Sept. 5, 2020, the Public Information Office – Baguio reported.

While mayor Benjamin Magalong welcomed the good news, he reminded residents that Baguio is now Covid-free.

“The virus is still around and the threat of the new variant remains. So please continue to observe our established health protocols. Let’s continue to be vigilant,” he said.

Monday records show one death, the fourth this month and barely 43 days after logging the highest for a month with 171, just as the surge brought by the Delta variant was on a downtrend.

Total death in the city is now 716.

While Magalong said that the city is studying the increase of allowable tourists by another 1,000 from the present 4,000, the borders may soon be closed with the expected arrival of Omicron variant of Covid-19 that may result to another surge.

Magalong warned residents to be more vigilant since the city “will be hit hard anew” just like in September and may ruin the Christmas celebration.

“We will adapt the measures we used in combatting the Delta variant,” said mayor Benjamin Magalong.

Magalong told this writer that they have already drawn an action plan to battle the new variant and whatever it will bring including stocking up on medicines, put up of more isolation facilities and they will “review the action plan” once the variant has arrived.

He said the city has also stepped up on its vaccination drive and are now seeking people who have signed up but has not taken the jab.

“We (will step up on our) vaccination efforts to really convince (those in the) list of registrants to take the vaccine. Isaisahin (One person at a time)) to convince them (and take the jab) and help contain it (Omicron variant surge),” Magalong said.

Magalong said that they fast track vaccination and may even call those that need to be vaccinated if needed as he said that they have to do this in the next two weeks in time for the surge brought about by the more contagious Omicron variant.

Magalong vowed to take all the necessary precautionary measures even the gradual closing of borders to tourists, because it is a “must” to avoid spread of the new variant.

In a statement posted over the Public Information Office – Baguio, Magalong said: “I am hoping that Omicron will not hit us this Christmas but looking at the the latest developments, there is a big possibility.”

He added: “I don’t like to spoil our Christmas but I really hope we will be spared.”

Magalong said the city and its frontline health workers have high level of confidence in dealing with the new variant as they have done last September when the Delta variant wreak havoc that cases reached 7,073 new ones and active ones peaking at 4,686.

Death for September rose to 148 but was topped by October when the city logged 171. However, cases dropped the second half of October and which was sustained by November when the city reached double digit in new cases and a measly single digit before the end of the month and sustained by December.



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