City steps up jabbing as Covid-19 cases reach record high, more restrictions imposed

RECORD HIGH. Orderly despite a record 2,000 plus vaccinated persons on Monday at the Baguio Country Club Cordillera Convention Hall last Monday. The City Health Office is again urging locals to take their vaccines as a way to stop spread of the Covid-19 virus. Photo from the Facebook wall of Anthony de Leon

With Covid-19 cases accelerating in record pace since the start of the month that saw an unprecedented 2,245 new infections in just 13 days, active cases rising to an all-time high of 2,252 that put a strain in health care facilities and deaths that rose to 44 or more than three deaths a day, city doctors are urging Baguio residents to take their jab to avoid severe cases as well as deaths.

City Epidemiology and Surveillance Unit head Dr. Donabel Tubera-Panes recently made the call anew amidst the threat of the more contagious Delta variant of the virus that an infected person could pass the virus to five to eight persons.

Vaccination should be a priority for all, Panes emphasized as she said that majority of those occupying the hospitals at present are unvaccinated patients.

On Monday, the city opened a drive-thru jabbing center at the Baguio athletic bowl to accommodate those in the transport industry even as the vaccination center at the Baguio Country Club hit a record high of more than 2,000 persons jabbed.

In a Facebook post, BCC General Manager Anthony de Leon congratulated his staff, volunteers and City Health Office personnel for breaking the single day high record.

De Leon wrote: “2,014 vaccinated targets exceeded, our record broken and still ongoing for a few. And it’s only 315PM! Congratulations team!”

Today and tomorrow, the CHO have slated vaccination efforts at the gyms of Saint Louis University and University of Baguio as well as the SM City Basement 1 for first dose for A4, A5 and A2 as well as second doses for target vaccinees.

Today, the second dose of Sinovac will be given for those who received their first on August 17, while tomorrow, it will be the second dose for AstraZeneca recipients last August 16 and 17.

Also today, scheduled second dose of AstraZeneca at the city market, that was originally slated for September 11 and was rescheduled yesterday, will be administered.

As of September 12, the CHO reported a total of 272,938 administered doses of which 108,931 are fully jabbed, while 164,007 had their first dose.

More Restrictions

Last Saturday, mayor Benjamin Magalong alarmed with the record 289 new cases said the city will impose further control measures to slow down the virus spread.

Saturday was also the start of the total liquor ban, while further reducing the capacity of dine-ins at restaurants to 30 percent and 20 percent for religious gatherings.

Magalong, the Public Information Office reported, “also urged residents to refrain from unnecessary travels outside of their homes to lower the chances of contracting the virus especially of more virulent nature as the Delta variant believed to be the prevalent variant now in the city.”

Panes, meanwhile, said that households and workplaces where the transmissions are now happening now need to step up and take on the virus themselves.

“The battle is now in the homes and workplaces. Families and offices now have to declare their own wars against the virus. We can’t let it defeat us,” Panes stressed.

She said, that in order not to spread the virus among family members, a suspect should be tested and isolated until the swab result is out.

She added that persons be now always ready with a go-bag that have his or her personal effects good for two weeks at the isolation facility.

“We are in a war against the virus which more likely could mutate, we need to sacrifice, avoid gatherings and all efforts should be coordinated. We should also take the responsibility for ourselves, not totally relying on the government for protection from the Covid virus and variants,” she said.

During a press conference last September 8, Panes said that the city could have more 200 plus cases a day in the next days, which is now true as after she said that the city recorded 226 new cases and has since then logged a then record 249, 202, 289, 230 and 201.



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