Community Mural and Free Art Lesson a must-try activity in the City of Pines

Baguio City’s foggy weather hits differently, doesn’t it? So, whether you find yourself in the middle of pine tree covered by fog, or in an establishment, there’s something to do in the City of Pines:

I listed here things that residents do during this time;

Free Art Lesson for All 

-There’s a notion that every person in the world is an artist themselves, whether it may be public speaking, dancing, painting, acting etc. All of them fall into the word A-R-T. So what excites Baguio residents, tourists who feel a spark in them exploring art, there’s an indoor place for you to enjoy! 

Meters-away from Burnham Park, stood Athletic Bowl.  This is where athletes, enthusiast stroll together to do their fitness tourney, but what if I tell you that you can do so much there, more than training your physique?

Just below the bench, lies the first Art Bank of Baguio City, this was formally opened thru the initiative of Baguio City Councilor Leandro Yangot Jr. on April 25, 2023. This hosts more than a hundred artworks, from different mediums and styles. Aside from displaying culture through art, music, and dances, this Art Bank in particular is a home for the Free Art Lesson Class initiated by the City Councilor every Saturday. 

A comprehensive and a step-by-step guide to draw, paint etc. Will be provided for you here all for free, plus the lesson came from a homegrown artist from the City of Pines.

Jhen Baltazar shared her experience doing Solar Drawing Art taught by the master itself Jordan Mangosan of Tam-awan Village, she said that art is something therapeutic and the best way to have her children engaged in an activity away from using gadgets. 

“Maganda kasi nakakatuwa na maganda siyang bonding with family, kakatatapos lang ng school nila very therapeutic siya.” she mused 

Free arts lessons are also offered to Barangays in Baguio who wish to have the same activity. 

“Inaanyayayahan ko kayo na makibahagi makilahok sa ating free art lesson class. We want Baguio truly creative ‘yun po ang target natin.” Councilor Leandro Yangot Jr. enthusiastically shared. 


Community Mural Art

While strolling the cityscapes, you might come across these colorful walls, telling stories of the people, through shared visions and more. This is what we call Baguio Mural Art, but more than just a splash of colors, it also represents the very essence of humanity, to bring life and hope to the people, who need it. 

But more than the usual mural art from the buildings, Baguio City is now stepping up its game in claiming the country’s first to be declared as UNESCO’s Creative City, particularly in crafts and folk arts, which is truly eminent now in the City of Pines, but what makes this Mural Special? 

The answer is the communities who have shared the same vision, in bringing colors into life. 

So, you better get your brushes ready, because there are tens or even hundred of Mural Art going on in the City of Pines. One of which is a project that came to realization in Barangay North Central, Aurora Hill, Baguio City. 

The said mural art depicts the life of a child with disability living in a supportive community. This project was in collaboration with Kiwanis International, Bureau of Fire Protection-Aurora Hill Substation, barangay, residents and was supported by Councilor Leandro Yangot Jr. who brings paint, and other mural art materials for all. 

Punong Barangay Veronica Castro of North Central remembers how hopeless their freedom wall where “Dati talagang madumi ganyan tapos may mga lumot lumot, ngayon magiging maganda nang tingnan kapag na-mural yan.”

Thus making their community mural art comes into fruition is a remarkable and an answered prayers for Tatay Francisco  “Nasisiyahan ako kasi hindi lang ako dahil natutupad na itong mga pangarap namin na itong pader ay talagang mapaganda.” he shared.

Their community mural stretched 18 ft. tall and 80 ft. long, and was expected to be done before the end of the month. 

Truly, Baguio really has something to offer, more than just its scenic view and calm-cold breeze. So buckle-up and let  us do your Baguio’s Checklist one Baguio breathe at a time, Ciao!

~Jose Robert Inventor~



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