Cops disarm guards allegedly intruding Baguio dairy farm

FROM A DISTANCE. A portion of the contested 10-hectare portion of the Department of Agriculture – Cordillera’s Baguio Animal Breeding and Research Center claimed by a private individual. On Thursday cops from the Baguio City Police Office Station 10 divested the guns carried by the claimant’s hired security detailed at the contested lot. Photo from Robert Domogen’s Facebook Page

Security guards of the Dragon Knights Security Agency who are guarding a 10-hectare property within the Department of Agriculture – Cordillera property in barangay Dontogan had to cede their high powered firearms by personnel of the Baguio City Police Office Station 10 Thursday.

The guards are watching over an area that is part of the former Baguio Dairy Farm but is now the DA – Cordillera’s Baguio Animal Breeding and Research Center.

The Baguio Finest Security Agency, who were hired by the DA Cordillera to man the BABRC and its surroundings that belong to the government, first reported the presence of these security personnel in the area claimed by a private individual.

The Dragon Knights guards arrived from Metro Manila to Baguio City last week and their presence was noted and caused unease and fear among the employees of the BABRC, their head was called by the administrators of the government agency for a dialogue.

The general manager of Dragon Knights claimed that they have coordinated their presence and operation in the area with the Police Regional Office Cordillera (PRO-Cor) and BCPO station 10 as well as the Office of the Barangay Captain of Dontogan which said offices denied.

Dragon Knights has no license to operate (LTO) in the city which means the agency do not have a legal authority to operate outside of their base and at the contested property.

The firearms are now in the custody of the BCPO.

Meanwhile, the head of the unlicensed security agency said they will stay in the area until such time that the ” land title” of their client will be cancelled, the BABRC said.

They did not disclose the name of the client pending verification and legal process.



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