Cordilleran Singer is a World Champion of Faith

Jeff Coronado proudly raises the Philippine National Flag as he receives his Gold Medal on the Main Stage of the World Championship for Performing Arts 2022 (WCOPA); Photo Credits to Jeff Coronado

Every person in the world has their own purpose in living. Luckily, as early as five years old, Jefferson “Jeff” Coronado found his purpose and that is celebrating God using his voice and talent. From a young age, Coronado was dedicated to joining competitions and choirs that showcased his talent. His love for singing never faded, even if he had entered another field, the corporate world. Despite a busy work schedule, he always finds time to pursue his passion and sing to his heart’s content.

As the famous quote says, “what is destined is always meant to happen.” So he left the corporate world to pursue what he wanted, which is to sing. He believed that it was his true calling. He said: “It is something that I would like to do, something that I can see that I do until I die. Something that gives me a sense of fulfillment”. Coronado added: “I always go back to singing,” which leads him to achieve one of the most dreamed awards by any singer.

That is winning in the 25th Annual World Championships of Performing Arts in Anaheim, California, the U.S.A. where he bagged two gold and a bronze medal. Now singing is his profession and a most fortunate person as he turned his passion into a career. He performs and gets invited to different events inside and outside Baguio.

He sings every Friday at Kaffeeklatsch at City Camp Road. For someone to say that he lived in the world, he must first satisfy his soul and by pursuing his passion above anything else, indeed, Jeff Coronado lived in the world.

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