Cultural dance ensemble starts 90 minute physical, mental fitness program

PHYSICAL, MENTAL FITNESS and cultural awareness are reasons for bringing a Cordillera traditional dances at the Baguio Museum every Sunday at 2PM for an hour and a half. Hapiyoh Mi Cluture and Arts Center, Inc. photo

An RNG Luzon and the Hapiyoh Mi Culture and Arts Center, Inc. last Sunday launched a 90 minute physical fitness program not just to be physically and mentally fit, especially during the 19-month Covid-19 pandemic but also to teach Cordillera traditional dances.

The Hapiyoh Mi, the premiere cultural group of the region started last Sunday the program at the Baguio Museum and will be held every 2PM hence.

The project by the Decada Noventa Credit Cooperative in cooperation with the Baguio Museum and Hapiyoh Mi is “an hour and a half of physical fitness by learning Cordillera Traditional Dances” and it is “mentored by the premiere cultural group of the region- Hapiyoh Mi Culture and Arts Center, Inc.”

Teaching the cultural dances of the Cordillera has always been the advocacy of the Hapiyoh Mi, said University of the Cordilleras professor Maria Aplaten also of the Hapiyoh Mi.

She said that for the Hapiyoh Mi has been doing cultural workshops since 2000 but the approach, the physical and mentally fitness approach, will be the first time and to be done at the museum.

Aplaten who hosts the talk show Talk Time every Wednesday at RNG Luzon added: “For the general population to appreciate, respect and understand the beauty of Cordillera culture through our music and dances.”



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