Danglas schools start use of mother tongue as mode of teaching

DABGLAS INLAUD. The Contextualized Teacher’s Guide for Mother Tongue Based Multilingual Education book for Grade One students were turned over to five Danglas elementary school on Valentines Day to propagate the rich culture of said town for the coming generations. Photo shows an Abra pupil inside his learning cubicle as a teacher gives her lecture. Photo by DepEd Tayo Abra

A town in Abra starts use of the mother tongue for incoming grade 1 pupils in the hope to preserve and propagate their rich culture and tradition.

Five elementary schools in Danglas, Abra received the first batch of Contextualized Teacher’s Guide for Mother Tongue-Based Multilingual Education (MTB-MLE) from the School Division – Abra of the Department of Education to jumpstart the use of local dialect as a mode of teaching on Valentines Day, Monday.

The turn-over of the learning materials to Danglas mayor Denise Florence Bragas during the town’s Fiesta Bonanza is aimed to provide an opportunity for school children to use their mother tongue as they start grade one as DepEd officials hope that more dialects will be included.

The books called Grade 1 MTB-MLE: The Danglas INLAUD” were prepared and made by teachers and school heads of said town with help from the local government unit and DepEd.

Danglas Central School head Ollyjoy Suilan said the book is important for the coming generations to preserve and propagate the rich culture of their town.

Beaside the Filipino Learning Competencies, the book contains also the various indigenous culture and tradition and teaching.



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