DepEd Cagayan Valley apologizes to DepEd Cordillera for module errors

MOVING. The call of Department of Education to remove items in learning modules for students is gaining ground as DepEd Region 2 has recently pulled out modules that depict Igorots in a bad light. While also apologizing, DepEd Region 2 also said that it will rectify the errors. Here, another monthly regular activity of the DepEd – Cordillera, the Regional Learning Action Cell with “Love is the Essence of Lige” as theme and Pines City National High School master teacher 2 Emilia Guinumtad as speaker. DepEd Tayo photo

The Department of Education – Cagayan Valley has apologized to its counterpart here for entries in modules that are prejudicial to Igorots even as it pulled out said modules in question for rectification.

In its DepEd Tayo – Cordillera Facebook page, it is reported that DepEd – Region 2 has written a letter of apology to Cordillera even as it assured that it will rectify the matter “by modifying the content.”

DepEd – Cordillera said that one of the items in the modules that is circulating on Facebook has been traced to a teacher in Region 2, “who also lifted the content from a textbook published by Vibal.”

The particular item that was printed by one school in Bambang, Nueva Vizcaya states: “Nakita mong tinukso ng kaklase mo ang isang batang Igorot dahil sa kanyang anyo (You saw your classmate make fun of a young Igorot due to his appearance).”

DepEd – CAR said that copies of the modules had been retrieved after it called the attention of said regional office.

Two other items that are widely circulated, however, need yet to be traced of its source, the DepEd Tayo – Cordillera added.

The first of these items is an exercise that says: “Hindi ako makipaglalaro sa aking kalklasi na Igorot dahil iba ang kanyang pananamit (I will not play with my Igorot classmate of the way he/she dresses).”

The other is in Iloco, which states: “Kabaelan ngata ti Igorot ti makatorpos ti adalna? (Is an Igorot capable of finishing his/her studies)?”

The post said that “DepED-CAR remains steadfast in its stand to rally against any form of prejudice.”

It added that it will undertake at least five measures “to keep its internal stakeholders enlightened and well-directed in their knowledge about IPs and to urgently call the attention of other stakeholders to be proactive and help in putting a stop to this persistent form of discrimination.”

First it will forward a regional memorandum to the Schools Division Offices reiterating strict adherence to the social content element of locally-developed learning resources.

Second, it will hold a meeting with Schools Division Office Superintendents, Learning Area Supervisors, and Learning Resource Supervisors to respond actively as regards this matter.

Third, development of most essential learning competencies or MELCs-based self-searning modules attached to Araling Panlipunan and Edukasyon sa Pagpapakatao highlighting the IP culture of the Cordillerans.

Fourth, development of a coffee table book focused on the Cordillera as a people and as a culture.

The fifth is to forward a letter to the Regional Development Council to appeal for support on appropriate steps to stop these wrong perceptions.

DepEd – Cordillera director Estela Carino said that corrections must now be made on the mistakes on learning modules that has prejudiced Igorots of the Cordilleras.

“When a wrong concept keeps repeated, this might be accepted as the truth that is why need to respond to it right away and for those responsible to correct it immediately,” Carino said.

Cordillerans including athletes, educators, artists, among others, have taken to Facebook in “I Am Proud To Be An Igorot” to educate “lowlanders” and the world what an Igorot is.



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