Displaced ambulant vendors get cash aid from Tabuk LGU; 10 coops receive city aid

ASSISTANCE. The Tabuk City government has provided emergency employment to displaced ambulant vendors through the Public Employment Service Office (PESO-Tabuk). PESO Tabuk has started giving assistance to displaced ambulant vendors whose livelihood were severely affected by the restrictions of the Covid-19 pandemic. Here, and ambulant vendor signs her name to receive the PhP3,500 cash assistance from, the PESO-Tabuk. The aid will benefit 100 ambulant vendors. PIO - Tabuk

The city government through the Public Employment Service Office (PESO-Tabuk) launched its emergency employment program to assist displaced ambulant vendors whose livelihood were severely affected by the restrictions of the Covid-19 pandemic this week even as 10 local cooperatives receive cash assistance.

Rizal T. Sta. Ines of PESO said that 100 vendors-beneficiaries will receive a wage of PhP3,500 pesos for a 10-day work that starts Friday, Nov. 19, until 29. They were deployed to maintain cleanliness, rehabilitate, and repair roads and canals in the city hall compound and their barangays.

He added that since the pandemic restricted people’s movement and schools shifted to distance learning, the ambulant vendors selling inside, outside, and near these schools lost their primary source of livelihood.

“Dagitoy beneficiaries ket ambulant vendors nga na-displaced for example dagitoy aglaklaku nga dati ittuy schools ket idi met pandemic gamin naawan da isu nga diyay ti kuna mi nga na displaced (These beneficiaries are ambulant vendors who were displaced like those selling near schools who were deprived of selling due to the pandemic),” he said.

Sta. Ines said the 100 beneficiaries are from barangays of Bulanao Centro, Bulanao Norte, Dagupan Weste, Dagupan Centro, and Laya East.

Mayor Darwin C. Estrañero said that the assistance is an initiative of the city government to complement national programs that provide aid to the most vulnerable sectors who bear the brunt of the economic downturn caused by the pandemic. The mayor added that aside from providing a lifeline to ambulant vendors, the program will also aid in the economic recovery of the city.

Aside from city-funded programs, the PESO is simultaneously conducting orientation and implementation of the TUPAD (Tulong Panghanapbuhay sa Ating Disadvantaged/Displaced Workers) program, community-based emergency employment of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE).

Sta. Ines said that there are around 300 beneficiaries for the TUPAD funded by DOLE, a party-list group, and offices of national government officials.

Meanwhile, the City Cooperatives and Enterprise Development Office (CCDEDO) and the City Cooperative Development Council has released cash assistance of PhP100,000 to 10 cooperatives in the city from the CLGU’s CARE Program.

Implemented by the CLGU, led by City Mayor Darwin C. Estrañero, the project is to provide strategic support services to accommodate the reclamation of the affected micro and small enterprises, which were considered the most vulnerable sector of the community-based cooperative during this time of adversity.

Cooperatives involved in microfinancing, auto supplies, bakeries, farm inputs, hog raising, and agri-loan are among those that are likely to benefit the most from the additional funds. “This is to assist each organization in increasing their total assets and revenues, as well as inspire new recruits to join them,” which is the aim of the program initiated by the mayor.

Mabaca Balbalan Marketing Corporation (MBMC) chairperson Mario Baluyan said the allotment not only increased the number of MBMC members, but also inspired their other members to become more active. This will increase their agri-business allowing them to continue to grow despite the pandemic’s setbacks.

Other beneficiaries of the program are the: Kibnay Credit Coop, Challenger Agriculture Coop, MBMC, St. John the Evangelist Agriculture Coop, St. Anselm Credit Coop, Alliance of Tribes for Oneness in Dev’t Credit Coop, Rang-ay Sandigan Credit Coop, Kalinga Transport Services Dev’t Coop, Laya East Agriculture Coop, and GADO Credit Coop.

The 10 cooperatives received their assistance during a simple program at the M Hotel Wednesday.



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