DOH Cordillera UHC Sirib Series Episode 3 tackles Colorectal Cancer Awareness

During the latest episode of the DOH Cordillera UHC Sirib Series on March 15, 2024, Dr. Janice S. Bañez from BGHMC (Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center) discussed crucial insights into colorectal cancer, highlighting its prevalence, symptoms, and preventive strategies.

Colorectal cancer ranks as the second most common cancer in the Philippines, affecting individuals of all genders equally. Dr. Bañez emphasized the importance of early detection while dispelling prevalent myths surrounding the disease. Notable symptoms including abdominal pain, rectal bleeding, and changes in bowel habits should prompt immediate medical attention.

She discussed the importance of colorectal screening, especially for asymptomatic individuals. Dr. Bañez detailed various diagnostic procedures such as colonoscopy, CT scans, and biopsies, conducted by a multidisciplinary team of medical professionals.

Treatment approaches for colon cancer range from surgical interventions to systemic therapies like chemotherapy and immunotherapy. Dr. Bañez also emphasized the significance of lifestyle modifications, including abstaining from smoking and alcohol, and adopting a balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables for prevention.

Dr. Bañez highlighted the critical need for consistent screenings, particularly for individuals 45 and older who are at an increased risk. Additionally, she reiterated that colorectal cancer is preventable with early detection and a commitment to a healthy lifestyle, advising frequent health check-ups and good habits to substantially lower the disease’s risk.

“Pwede tayong magpa-screening colonoscopy para makita natin yung mga benign polyp – pag nakita na yun sa colonoscopy tinatanggal na yun ng ating mga Gastroenterologist kasi yung mga polyp na yun, sila yung mga precursors– sila yung mga nag-i-start ng colon cancer.”, Dr. Bañez stated.

In Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, the Department of Health Cordillera along with Dr. Bañez helps us tackle this widespread disease. By learning more, getting screened early, and living healthier, we can fight colorectal cancer and enhance the health of our community together. | Izl Jem M. Rabanillo




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