Ensuring Safety: The Dos and Don’ts of Reporting a Fire Incident to the Bureau of Fire Protection in Baguio

In the face of emergencies, prompt and accurate reporting can make all the difference.

When it comes to fire incidents, knowing the proper protocols can save lives and property.

According to Bureau of Fire Protection Baguio’s Public Information Officer said that distinguishing prank calls is essential to ensure swift and appropriate response.

“There are two scenarios: calls to our 911 command center and direct calls to our station. In both cases, we conduct callbacks to verify the information provided, including the caller’s name and the exact location of the fire sighting. This verification process helps us differentiate genuine reports from prank calls”, he added.

When asked about instances of mistaken reports, Officer Furigay recounted, “There have been cases where calls mentioned smoke sightings, which turned out to be small incidents like burning leaves. However, we take every report seriously and monitor the situation accordingly.”

Regarding the consequences for prank callers, Officer Furigay affirmed that these are taken seriously and actions to address such behavior and deter future occurrence are being done in  accordance to the Revised Fire Code of  the Philippines of 2008 or R.A. No. 9514.

For citizens unsure about reporting fire incidents, Officer Furigay reassured, “It’s important to report any fire, regardless of its size. Every report matters, and it reflects the responsibility of Baguio’s citizens. We don’t blacklist callers for genuine reports, even if the fire turns out to be minor. Whether it’s a controlled or uncontrolled fire, we respond accordingly to prevent escalation.”

When asked about steps to take while awaiting emergency response, Officer Furigay emphasized preparedness. “We encourage every household to have fire extinguishers, as they serve as the first line of defense for small fires. It’s crucial to act swiftly while the fire is manageable. Additionally, for forest or grass fires, citizens can engage in bucket relay or use swatters to contain the spread. Baguio residents are known for their proactive efforts, especially in protecting their properties.”

Proper reporting procedures and citizen engagement play pivotal roles in fire safety. By understanding the dos and don’ts outlined by the Bureau of Fire Protection in Baguio, residents can contribute to a safer and more resilient community.

~Anna Lavisha Jusayan~

**Courtesy: Bureau of Fire Protection via FB**



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