Esperon urges senators to reconsider cutting budget of anti-insurgency drive

National Security Adviser and NTF ELCAC Vice-Chair Hermogenes Esperon Jr. is urging Senators to take a second look at the still big fight against the communist insurgency in the country as reason for government to continue funding development projects around the country.

This as Esperon reacted to the announcement of Sen. Sonny Angara on the reduction of the Barangay Development Program (BDP) budget from P28.12B to only P4B for 1,406 barangays at P20M each.

“I hope they understand that we are addressing a 53-year insurgency led by the CPP-NPA-NDF Terrorist triad,” the national security adviser pointed out.

Esperon urged Senators to “take to heart the plight of people in the barangays affected by the prolonged conflict.”

The NSA chief said, “while I understand that Covid-19 is the clear and present danger that we have to address, I hope they recognize the scourge that has caused stunted growth of the countryside and in effect on the nation.”

While the government has spent almost a trillion to combat Covid-19, “let’s have the political will to fight the long-standing number one political security threat in our country,” Esperon stressed.



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