Even wild boar not safe from ASF

OPVet – Abra said that barangays Lat-ey, Buanao, Umnap, Pacque and Mataragan all in Malibcong are identified are risk areas and they have also stopped people from said barangays in bringing out their pigs to other areas to stop spread of the swine disease.

The Office of the Provincial Veterinarian of Abra has cautioned the public to refrain from consuming wild boar due to the African Swine Flu which has infected more than 120 samples the past week.

This after catching another wild boar at the border of Abra and Kalinga last Monday which tested positive for ASF.

The latest sample was captured at the Comia-as Forest in barangay Lat-ey of Malibcong at the border of the two provinces which the OPVet said that its meat tested positive.

The OPVet has since then banned the butchering and selling of wild boar meat from said barangay “manipud iti maysa a barangay nga agturong iti sabali pay a barangay ken ili tapno miliklikan ti pangraira iti ASF (to stop the transmission of ASF from one barangay to another).”

The OPVet has earlier said that 127 wild boars that were captured and butchered from Malibcong and Tineg, near the border with Kalinga, since March 19 have tested positive for ASF.

OPVet – Abra is now strictly monitoring the pig growing activities in Malibcong as well as the municipalities at the border with Kalinga namely, Lacub, Boliney, Daguioman and Tubo since they noted that ASF has infected swine in said towns.

Meanwhile, pig meat samples from Tineg tested negative from ASF, said the OPVet.

The office added that no pigs have died in the towns being monitored at present.



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