FPOP Inaugurates First Assembly, aims to tackle Reproductive Health Challenges

BAGUIO CITY – The Family Planning Organization of the Philippines (FPOP  held its first-ever assembly last March 15, 2024 to talk about the challenges being faced in terms of Reproductive Health.

In collaboration with the Civic Society Organization and various government agencies, the conference focuses on delivering sexual and reproductive health services to communities in Baguio City and Benguet.

The assembly and consultation workshop marks the beginning stage of FPOP’s effort to implement the Reproductive Health Advocacy Network (RHAN) at various locations across the Philippines.

During the assembly, different organizations and agencies tackled their advocacies, some discussions were about family planning and responsible parenting.

In contrast to declining populations in other countries, the population of the Philippines continues to grow steadily. One of the reasons why the population is constantly increasing is due to the lack of family planning.

“Siguro kulang pa ng information education campaign… The availability of contraceptives is another factor kaya yung population po natin ay hindi pa masyadong natututukan.” FPOP Chapter President Rev. Jan Fleming Marigza stated during an interview.

Furthermore, he also mentioned that the population increase is a contributing factor to the ongoing issue of poverty in the country. Rev. Marigza urges people to be informed about family planning. “Siguro there’s a need for more education para prepared sila sa stage of marriage.” Rev. Marigza emphasized.

As FPOP’s assembly sets the stage for comprehensive reproductive health advocacy nationwide, stakeholders remain loyal in their commitment to advancing a vision of accessible, equitable reproductive healthcare for all Filipinos.

~Adrian Paul Andiso~

**Photo courtesy: FPOP Baguio-Benguet**



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