From Wheel to Heal: DOH-CAR announces the upcoming events for TB Caravan this Tuberculosis Awareness Month

In light of Tuberculosis Awareness Month, Nurse Joycelyn Rillorta (Nurse V, DOH-CHD-CAR) explained last March 6, 2024, during a press conference that Tuberculosis, an airborne disease, comes in two types: Drug Resistant TB (DRT) and Drug Susceptible TB (DST). Early symptoms include coughing, unexplained fever, night sweats, and significant weight loss. Rillorta emphasized that TB, although lethal, is now treatable, with free testing and treatment available in both private and public hospitals.

She urged preventive measures such as covering the mouth when sneezing, maintaining personal hygiene, avoiding smoking, and regular screening. DOH-CAR has set TB targets for the year.

In lieu of the target, DOH-CAR together with the PBSP or Philippine Business for Social Progress launched a TB Mobile Clinic that has been and will be roaming to the rest of Cordillera Region including Mt. Province, Abra, Ifugao, Benguet and it will be available in Baguio city exactly at City Camp Barangay Hall on March 13, 2024. The TB Mobile Clinic utilizes artificial intelligence for X-ray screenings, providing immediate results and referrals for treatment. “Ibig sabihin niyan, yung mobile clinic o mobile van yan, nakakapag x-ray po yan through artificial intelligence…once na nagpa x-ray kayo diyan, may result kaagad tapos irerefer kaagad, i-eenroll tapos magagamot po yan.” Nurse Rillorta explained.

The ongoing caravan program that is accessible for the public will be seen wandering to the region up until March 27, 2024 for free. Rillorta ended her statement by disclosing that they have already successfully screened for x-ray and 23 of them are positive for TB. The said patients will be referred to their Rural Health Unit or RHU to get the full treatment that they need to recover from the disease.

~Princess Lhura Jesusa Payumo~

**Photo courtesy: Philippine Business for Social Progress (PBSP)**




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