Frost develops in Atok, Benguet

Frost has developed in Atok town, the highest location in Benguet province.

As of 4:20AM Wednesday, temperature in Atok was at 10 degrees Celcius while a freezing 6 degrees was recorded on Tuesday.

On December 5, 2021, the temperature was at 8 degrees.

Such, being normal in this Benguet town especially in December and January, developing frost that though might be damaging especially to green leafy vegetables, has not affected the local farming industry here.

It is fortunate that the Atok vegetable farmers have adapted to frosting and have developed strategies to prevent damages.

Atok Mayor Raymundo Sarac said the freezing temperature in the vegetable farming town is not happening everyday. He assured that only a few vegetable plots are being affected by frost when it developes

While La Trinidad, the capital town of Benguet, recorded a temperature of 10 degrees 5AM Wednesday.

Baguio City also recorded 14 degrees Wednesday, 3 degrees higher than the past days.

Northern Benguet towns, especially Atok, often records 2-3 degrees lower temperatures than Baguio during the so-called “cold tri-months”.



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