Gov. Guico III unveils Pangasinan Development Plans in SOPA 2024

LINGAYEN Pangasinan Governor Ramon Guico III highlighted his administration’s programs and projects and unveiled his plans for further development of Pangasinan during his State of the Province Address 2024 on Friday, April 5.

“By 2031, Pangasinan will be the premier province of great opportunities, with sustained socio-economic growth, and a place where we can experience life at its best.”, as promised by the Governor. 

After fulfilling some of his promises in 2022, such as the new expressway’s construction, his current focus is on further developing the tourism, education, health, and agriculture sectors.

Guico also highlighted initiatives aimed at providing opportunities for Pangasinenses, including focusing on the needs of Capitol employees and offering more opportunities for students in the province.

The governor also announced housing projects, with 160 houses already constructed in Barangay Pangapisan Norte, Lingayen, and a broader aim to improve living standards for the less privileged residents through participatory governance.

In addition, Guico prioritized modernizing and expanding services in 14 provincial hospitals to provide affordable quality medical care locally, reducing the need for residents to seek treatment in other cities.

The province aims to bolster its tourism infrastructure, including the construction of hotels and the development of the Bolinao Airport project, following a significant increase in tourist arrivals to over 9 million in the past year.

Guico emphasized environmental initiatives such as the Green Canopy Project, with a goal of planting one million trees within three years to mitigate the effects of climate change in the province.

Furthermore, the governor highlighted efforts to revive salt production in Pangasinan through the Salt Center’s establishment in Bolinao, alongside plans for the Master Development Plan for the Pangasinan Capitol Complex.

“Rest assured, that once this masterplan development will be completed, I assure you, everybody will be happy. Tayong mga taga Pangasinan o ang ating mga bisita.” he stated.

[“Rest assured, that once this masterplan development will be completed, I assure you, everybody will be happy… Us from Pangasinan or our visitors.”]

Guico also revealed plans for corporate farming as part of his vision for advancing the agricultural sector in Pangasinan.


~Bonomar Apuyod Jr.~


**Photo courtesy: Province of Pangasinan’s Official Facebook Page**



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