Gov’t lady physician in Abra attacked, dies in hospital

Grabbed from Dr. Amor Trina Dait's FB page

A lady government doctor died while being treated at the Abra Provincial Hospital (APH) moments after she was shot by a still unknown gunman armed with an M16 rifle Saturday night in Pilar town, in Abra.

Dr. Amor Trina Dait, 53, a resident of Barangay Poblacion, Pilar and currently stationed at the La Paz District Hospital in La Paz, also in that province, was reportedly seated on a chair at the garage of their house preparing a prescription, her husband beside her, when a gunman aboard a motorcycle fired 5 shots.

Policemen from the Pilar town police station, which is only 600 meters away from the government doctor’s house said, gunshots were heard at around 7:30 PM prompting them to respond and found the lady doctor with a gunshot wound on her left foot.

The police rushed the victim to the Abra Provincial Hospital but died after suffering from heart attack.

Investigators recovered five spent shells of an M16 rifle at the crime scene.

Abra lawmaker JB Bernos suspect the attack was fueled by the political rivalry in Pilar town citing that Dr. Dait is a perceived strong opposition in the town.

The lady doctor ran but lost in the mayoral race in the May 2019 elections.

Her campaign leader was found dead riddled with bullets during the 2019 campaign.



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