How to create a My.SSS account

As we continue to face uncertainties due to the recent spike of COVID-19 cases in our country, SSS adjusted its branch operations for the safety of the members, pensioners, beneficiaries, and employees. Members and claimants are advised to submit their applications in the designated drop boxes at any SSS branch located in areas still under ECQ and MECQ. For large branches like SSS Baguio, a number coding scheme is implemented wherein the prescribed transaction days of member, claimants, and employers are based on the last digit of their Social Security (SS) or Employer ID Number. These are: 1 and 2 every Monday; 3 and 4 every Tuesday; 5 and 6 every Wednesday; 7 and 8 every Thursday; and 9 and 0 every Friday. SSS Baguio is open on weekdays from 8:00am to 1:00pm where transactions are only limited to appointments set with the servicing branch; submission of documents through dropbox for transactions that are not yet available online; pick-up of UMID Cards and subsequent educational loan checks; and Annual Confirmation of Pensioners (ACOP) compliance.

Even before the pandemic struck, SSS is already offering alternative ways to better serve its growing number of transacting clients. To adapt to the new normal, SSS further expanded and improved its digitalization program through the launch of ExpreSSS services.

One of the platforms of ExpreSSS services is the My.SSS Portal. This serves as the gateway to various online transactions such as viewing membership status; updating contact information; requesting for membership records; setting online branch appointments; viewing SSS contribution, Workers Investment and Savings Program (WISP) contributions, loan records and UMID application status; inquiring various benefit and loan eligibilities; submitting benefit applications such as unemployment, retirement and funeral claim as well as maternity notifications, member loans and pension loans; generating Payment Reference Number (PRN) for contribution and loan payments; filing of member data change request for simple correction; trying the simulated benefit calculator for computation of future retirement benefit; enrolling bank accounts and mobile number for e-wallets and remittance transfer companies/cash payout outlets using for the Disbursement Account Enrollment Module (DAEM) wherein they can upload the required supporting documents; enrolling in PESO and Flexi Fund; and submitting Customer Satisfaction Survey.

Meanwhile, SSS has a long list of available electronic services for employers through the My.SSS Portal such as checking and printing SSS records like employer information, payment history and reimbursement information; downloading and submission of collection lists, loan management file generation and employment reports; certifying their employee’s salary loan and retirement applications; submitting their employee’s maternity and sickness notifications; monitoring the status of submitted sickness and maternity reimbursement claims; filing of sickness benefit reimbursement; enrolling disbursement accounts with uploading of supporting documents; and generating PRN for contribution and loan payments.

After pointing out the advantages of having a My.SSS account, how can our members and employers create their own accounts?

First, members and employers must have an active email address because all SSS notification and confirmation will be sent through email. To proceed with the My.SSS registration, go to the SSS Website, click “I’m not a robot”, and answer the CAPTCHA. Select the Member or Employer Login Tab, depending on your membership category at the SSS homepage and click “Not yet registered in My.SSS.” Read carefully the web registration reminders, check the certification, and click “Proceed”.  Web user will be directed into Online Member/Employer ID Registration Form where member or employer can select their registration preference. These are: (1) Savings Account Number/ Citibank Cash card/ UBP Quick Card/ UMID-ATM Savings Account Number Registered in SSS, (2) Mobile Number Registered in SSS, (3) UMID Card, (4) Employer ID Number/ Household Employer ID Number, (5) Paid Payment Reference number/ SBR no./ Payment Receipt Transaction Number, (6) Date of Last Loan, (7) Transaction Number shown in your Personal Record/ Unified Multi-Purpose ID (UMID) Application (E-1/E-6), and (8) Check Number of any monthly pension received from SSS.

For faster and easier online registration, I’ll be giving tips on selecting the registration preference. Choose the fourth option if you’re an employed member because all you have to do is ask for the SSS Employer ID Number of your company. If you are a voluntary or self-employed member and your mobile number was already registered through Text SSS, you may choose the second option. To register your mobile number in Text SSS, text SSSREG (space) SSS Number (space) BDAY mm/dd/yyyy and sent to 2600. You may also select the fifth option. Simply register your previously generated PRNs that were used in paying your SSS contribution.

After selecting the registration preference, accept the Terms of Service and click “Submit”. Member registrants will receive an email containing the activation link where they must supply the last six digits of their Common Reference Number (CRN) or SS Number to proceed with the creation of password to access their My.SSS account. Likewise, employer registrants will also receive a link via email for the next phase of the registration process. Employer’s SSS web registration results will be sent via email.

After creating a My.SSS account, members and employers have lesser reasons to go out and transact with our SSS branches. Having a My.SSS account during this time of pandemic does not only give you comfortable and quick transactions, but also protection from the possible risks and serious effects of Covid-19 virus.

You may send an email to [email protected] for any queries and topic suggestions related to SSS.



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