“How To” is a collection of common questions that people ask about the rules, regulations, procedure and recent programs of the Commission on Elections. Here are some of them:

  1. Does the Comelec still issue Voter’s IDs?
    Answer: No more. In a memorandum dated December 20, 2017, issued by the Information Technology Department of the Comelec, it mentioned that the Comelec has stopped printing Voter’s IDs in anticipation of the implementation of the National ID System, which ID shall be used for all future government transactions. Also, in the election day CVL (Certified Voter’s List), the biometrics data of the voter is also already incorporated therein, hence there is no longer
    any need to bring any valid ID in order to vote.
  2. I have been a registered voter for more than 10 years, but last elections, when I went to the precinct to vote, my name was no longer in the voter’s list. What happened to it?
    Answer: Try to check with the Comelec Office of the area where you are registered. It is highly probable, that your voter’s record has been deactivated. In one instance, a voter’s record had been deactivated for his failure to validate his voting record pursuant to RA 10367 (Mandatory Biometrics Voter Registration, 2-15-2013). Since he or she failed to have his or her biometrics captured, his or her record has been deactivated. In other instances, when a voter fails to vote twice in two preceding elections (Sec. 27, RA 8189, June 11, 1996) his record gets deactivated too. In cases such as these, the voter needs to apply for reactivation in order to make his or her record active again and so that he or she can vote in the upcoming elections.
  3. When is the last day to apply for registration as a voter for purposes of the May 9, 2022 National and Local Elections?
    Answer: The last day of registration and reception of applications for transfer, reactivation, change of name/status, updating of voter’s record, etc. shall be on September 30, 2021. (Comelec Resolution no. 10549, July 18, 2019)
  4. When is the local Comelec Office open?
    Answer: During GCQ or MGCQ or lower or no quarantine classification, Local Comelec offices are open, Mondays to Fridays, 8:00 o’clock am to 5:00 o’clock pm. However, in areas where the quarantine classification is ECQ or MECQ, the local Comelec Offices cannot entertain applications for registration, transfer, reactivation, change of name/status, updating of voter’s record etc. (Implementing Guidelines on the Workdays/Hours, Authority to Render Overtime Services and in the Conduct of Satellite Registration, May 8, 2021)
  5. What is Satellite Registration?
    Answer: When the Local Comelec Office conducts registration outside of their Office and brings the registration equipment (Voter’s Registration Machine VRM) and peripherals in the registration site like in schools, malls or other offices or barangays, this type of registration is called Satellite Registration. Please check with the local Comelec FB page for the schedule of satellite registration in your area.
  6. What if registration is ongoing and a brownout occurs? Or there are defects in the Voter’s Registration Machine (VRM) or any of its peripherals?
    Answer: In case of the sudden occurrence of a brownout or the VRM or any of its peripherals become defective, all applications shall be received but shall not be processed. The Election Officer shall then notify the applicants in writing for their return to have their biometrics taken. Failure on the part of the applicants to appear despite notice, their applications shall be deemed incomplete and considered not filed. (Section 10, Comelec Resolution no. 10549)
  7. What shall be observed during registration?
    Answer: Always observe proper health protocols, always wear masks and face shields, no masks and face shields, no registration. Remain at least 1 meter apart from each other and bring your own ballpens. As much as possible, try to
    apply for registration before the deadline to avoid crowding in Comelec Offices.
  8. What shall we do to apply for registration, etc?
    Answer: Go to the Local FB page of the Comelec Office of the area where you reside. Download the application form, 3 copies including the Corona Virus Self-declaration form, fill them up, but do not sign yet. Set an appointment with the Comelec Office. Comelec will confirm the appointment and will remind you the day before you should register, etc. Lastly, proceed to the Comelec Office on your appointment day, sign the application forms and have your biometrics taken. You may also avail of the Comelec IRegistro program where forms can be downloaded at then set an appointment at our Comelec FB page. On the day of your appointment with Comelec, please bring any valid ID.
  9. Can we register on line?
    Answer: No, personal appearance is required for biometrics taking and no authorized person can register for anyone. Any of the following identification documents can be brought by applicant: (Section 14, Comelec Resolution no. 10549):
    a) Employees Identification Card, with signature of employer or
    authorized representative
    b) Postal ID
    c) PWD Discount ID
    d) Student’s ID of Library Card, signed by the School Authority
    e) Senior Citizen ID
    f) Driver’s License
    g) NBI Clearance
    h) Passport
    i) SSS/GSIS ID
    j) Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) ID
    k) License issued by the PRC (Philippine Regulatory Commission)
    l) Certificate of Confirmation issued by the National Commission on
    Indigenous Peoples (NCIP) in case of Members of the ICCs or IPs;
    m) Any other valid ID
  10. What if I do not have any valid ID at all?
    Answer: The applicant may be identified under oath by any registered voter of the precinct where he/she intends to be registered, or by any of his/her relatives within the 4th civil degree of consanguinity or affinity. No registered voter or relative shall be allowed to identify more than 3 applicants. (Section 14, Comelec Resolution 10549)

HOW TO go about with more election-related questions? Try watching our Election Day program at our Balitaktakan Segment on July 30, 2020, Friday, at 9:00 o’clock am at Regional News Group Luzon.

****Any statement/s or opinion/s mentioned in this article are made by me as a lawyer and
not as an Employee of the Comelec.



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