I Accept the Challenge

Despite the boredom and uncertainty that we experience in the confines of our own homes brought about by being put in a lockdown, the longest-running in the world, the TikTok application undeniably serves as a good “escape”.

One of the latest duet challenges in Tiktok is the #PrompterChallenge popularized by multimedia journalist Megan Healy. After our Broadcasting professor gave us this #PrompterChallenge, I can say that my experience doing it was totally different from what I’ve watched and read from my classmates’ testimonies in social media.

At first, I thought the challenge was an easy-peasy one. But when I tried, I couldn’t help but question my skills and abilities.

Apart from having a very little time to do it right, the crux of the matter was it wasn’t easy to read the script using the proper pacing, as well as the pronunciation and diction of the English language. There was also this adrenalin rush brought about by reading from the teleprompter which was rolling a bit too fast. I felt like I was forcing myself to deliver a tongue twister! I then had to further challenge myself.

I resorted to watching how other Tiktokers do it properly. Afterwards, I learned new techniques and gain ideas on mastering the whole challenge. After a lot of practice – and almost giving up – I finally nailed it. Overall, I am proud to say that doing the challenge made me feel more confident, inspired, and excited.

For TV media practitioners, the teleprompter is indispensable. It helps one master the art of being more “natural” on camera. More than anything, using it teaches the values of perseverance and determination.

Hence, as a Communication student who wants to be a professional media practitioner someday, I consider the #PrompterChallenge as not just a way to encourage and engage with other Tiktok broadcaster wannabes.

The challenge taught me how to act as a real broadcaster – by not just reading the story, but by knowing how to deliver a story. Now, I can wholeheartedly say that I accept the challenge of becoming a future broadcaster.



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