Journal correspondent dies from Covid

REYES during a trip to Kalinga for a coverage. Reyes died May 25 due to Covid 19 complications. He is survived by his wife Lita and four kids. He was 61. Photo from Cesar Reyes Facebook page

Cesar Reyes, a news correspondent for the People’s Journal, died of Covid-19 complications Tuesday, May 25, at the Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center – Intensive Care Unit.

Reyes, 61, died at 8:35 AM after doctors failed to revive him. He went into coma last Friday.

He was confined last May 18 and tested positive for Covid-19. On his Facebook wall last May 20, Reyes asked for prayers for his recovery.

His last story of two men who died from suffocation while cleaning a sewer appeared on May 18 on Journal News.

“Kuya Cesar is gone now,” Baguio Correspondents and Broadcasters Club president Aldwin Quitasol told local media in the Kakadwa Media group chat.

He is survived by his wife Lita and four children who are under quarantine at their home at 103 Cabinet Hill.

He was cremated at 2PM also Tuesday. No member of his immediate family were present except a brother in-law and Quitasol, who is now coordinating efforts to help in the hospital bills and burial expenses of Reyes.

Quitasol has also started a food drive for the family of Reyes, who are stuck in their house with no means to get food.

Born in San Fabian, Pangasinan, Reyes was raised in Manila. His family settled in Baguio in 2008 where he became member of the BCBC and later an officer. He was a one-time president of the Baguio City Police Press Corps.

Reyes is the first Baguio – Benguet based media to have died from Covid-19. At least five others were infected earlier but all have recovered.



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